Eggleton House

Located along a sloping section at Jack’s Point in Queenstown, this three bedroom, 215 square metre, holiday home maximises its spectacular mountain and lake views while balancing the need for light and privacy.

We started with a list of features that we wished for in a house and ended up with a house that fulfilled every wish. We particularly love the fact that the quality of the design and build are immeasurably satisfying.

Jane Forster & Glenn Eggleton

Eggleton House is a particular case study which showcases the benefits of designing a home specific to its site. Taking into account the site’s neighbouring houses and the space left between them, the design enables the owners to gain extra view shafts and increases sun to the living areas, while still maintaining privacy where required.

We relied on Katrina and Alister to supervise the build in our absence and had no difficulty in liaising with them via the internet about various decisions. The builder was very impressed with Alister and Katrina and the quality and detail of their plans which he found very easy to work with.

Jane Forster & Glenn Eggleton

Dravitzki Brown’s design oeuvre reveals a strong commitment to ensuring the conceptual theme flows seamlessly throughout the build. Their structures echo a consistent design language, both in the overall form and the way materials are used, which resonate from interior to exterior. Extensive knowledge in complex detailing bring designs to life, aided by photo-realistic renderings which enables clients to view, and understand the vision, well before construction begins.